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Ropin To A Full House
Shoofly Art

Ropin To A Full House


Year: 2004

Type: Lithograph

Size: 14 x 11"

Part of the Ropin' set.

Edition limited to 225.

Roman numeral international edition limited to 25.

Publisher's Proof limited to 25.

The Cowboy portrayed in this set of four lithographs is Jim Gierhart, mounted on a favorite gelding in all but one. As written by Jim; “I loved to ride Mat; what a horse – a handsome buckskin with some thoroughbred blood in him. He could just glide across the rockiest of country. He felt like he was about to explode when you got on him in the morning and I was always thankful when he didn’t because he was a strong, athletic animal and he’d been hard to stay with. Who knows where his name came from, but after a puncher had him in his string one fall, he was known as ‘Mat the Malpai Masher’ from then on. The horse would sure watch a cow, but in a roundup he would stir up everything. Mat couldn’t cut a cow easy, he had to cut her out hard and fast. He could probably pull a house over, so you’d have to slow him down and settle him on the end of a rope.”

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