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Shoofly Art

6:10 Outta' Douglas


Year: 2016

Type: Lithograph

Size: 16 x 14

Edition limited to 150

Artist's Proof limited to 15.

**Each Print has an original Remarque. 

The Ranch was high in the Chiricahua Mountains of Arizona.  That fall morning dawned chilly with a threat of rain or snow.  Sam was to ride a colt, that could sure pitch and earned the title of “That Goofy Yeller Colt”.  The horse worked okay, but getting on that bugger would stir up the dust.  The colt led our crew out of the corrals at a high lope.  To ensure that Sam remained up on track, the Boss rode to the colt’s left with with another rider on Sam’s right, and commenced to holler, “ We’re taking ‘the 6:10’ outta’ Douglas boys!”

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